An amazing artist and good friend of mine, David Gillespie, visited me for a couple days during his adventuresome travels across the United States. David and I met in art school and from there on had many collaborative projects circulating, such as wacky, speedy, blind contour drawings, collages, sculptures, and purely, excellent conversations about art.

The way we created this painting:

We sat at a round table with this canvas in between us. I would do a single brush stroke of paint, then hand the brush to David, where he would add only one brush stroke. Then, we would turn the canvas 180 degrees and I would paint with one brush stroke and so on.

At times we favored an area or found ourselves attacking a space with paint until the color, composition or balance felt satisfying.

Dimensions: 20"x16"

Year: 2015

My best friend of 20+ years, asked me to help paint a famous skateboarding image inside his house in the foyer of the Screaming Hand by Jim Phillips.


Took us two nights.

Dimensions: 50"x50"

Year: 2016