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The Crack Fox is having it's Creepy Christmas * Gothic Garage Sale

this THURSDAY December 7th from, 5pm to 12am

Used, new, handmade! Costumes, corsets, lingerie, vintage clothing, boots, shoes, jewelry, leather goods, dark arts, toys, games and more!

I'll be selling EYEBALLS! If you haven't gotten one yet, now might be the time to get one! This might be my last eyeball sale for a few months!

There are a ton more of awesome vendors! Such as:

Pure Romance -

Putrid Penguins - Steampunk, hand painted dolls and other oddities!

Dead Man's Party - Clothing, shoes, books, CDs

Two Broke Goths - Jewelry/handmade knick knacks as well as art

The Violet Vampire - Shoes, clothing, handmade Christmas cards, decorative dragons, jewelry and more!

House of Cyanide - Candle holders, patches, art, sock poi, and jewelry

Sonia's Burlesque Boutique and More! - Clothing, costumes, shoes, handbags, jewelry

Eluria's Closet - Women's plus size clothing and mens t-shirts

Allura's Costume Closet - An assortments of late 90's goth fashion, costumes, lingerie, fetish wear

Jabberwock Emporium - Jewelry, repurposed décor, pendants, doll head planters, dead fairies

Jennifer Griggs Art and Jewelry - Art prints, handmade jewelry, jewelry boxes


Strange Co. - Burlesque lingerie, swimwear, jewelry, animal bones, tarot/pin-ups, patches and more!

Lunasoyleil - Herbal soy candles, acrylic and UV paintings, liquor bottle fairy lamps and more

One For The Crow Bathspace - Bath and body products

Rambling Eclectica -

OddFisch - THATS ME!

Alan Hollingsworth Artwork -

Press the Button - Goth/punk clothing, patches, art, antiques and oddities!

Beren's Table d'Art - Various prints, buttons, wood panels, drawings and paintings!

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